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Control Panel

Regular price $4,950.00

Type: PC based mach4 Industrial control

Processor:  64 bit 5th generation Intel Broadwell

Program storage:  64 GB SSD Unlimited number of programs

Memory:  4 GB standard (upgradeable)

Display:  Full color multi-touch

Modes:  Auto/MDI/Jog, auto switching

Wizards:  On machine programming with graphic wizards

Units:  Inch/Metric

Overrides:  Feed  (0%-200%), Rapid (0%-100%)

G code:  Fanuc compatible, Mach3 compatible

Custom Macro:  Fanuc Macro B compatible

External Communication:  USB, Ethernet, RS232

M-Codes:  Unlimited user defined M codes, 5 inputs and 5 outputs available (upgradeable)

User Customizable Screen

Add 3rd party software

One model  control for either lathe or mill

On screen wizard programming

Setup screens to reduce part changeover time

Built-in Probe Routines

Mach 4 Industrial License

Include your companies logo or branding (optional)

Every control is equipped with 64 Gb of storage space, 4 Gb of RAM, Wi-F-, Ethernet, USB ports, Macro B programming,254 tool offsets, 126 work offsets, helical interpolation, drilling canned cycles, scaling and mirroring, advanced trajectory planning, cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation, and more. New features are constantly being developed, and every control comes with updates forever; if we add a new feature, all controls can be updated with a simple install.


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