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About Us

Maineiacs Tool Crib is the brainchild of Brian Barker owner of Newfangled Solutions located in Central Maine.  Brian got his degree in machining from Central Maine Community College as well as an engineering degree from the University of Maine in Orono.  Following graduation he was hired by the University to work in the Advanced Manufacturing Center to solve manufacturing problems and design custom equipment.

As a guest speaker at trade shows Brian would be asked where they could purchase quality tooling and the seed for Maineiacs Tool Crib was planted.

With his machining experience he knows the struggle of finding quality tooling as well as staying current with the rapidly changing technology, and that is why every piece of tooling we sell we use everyday in our shop.

We hope you find this site useful and please contact us with any questions or comments as well as suggestions for something you might need.  We would be happy to do the leg work for you.