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The lighter side of life.

    As a newcomer to basically everything technical, I will be the first to admit that getting this website off the ground has been a struggle.  Thankfully, my boss (also my # 1 son) has had patience and there is usually something going on around here that will make me laugh...a lot.

   On  this particular hot, humid late August afternoon it was a lawnmower, not the John Deere lawnmower but an extremely loud 1984 Snapper, Forrest Gump style mower.
    I was working in the office and I could hear something running outside.  Always one to seize the moment, I decided to take a break and check out what was going on.  When I opened the backdoor the smell of freshly mowed grass was thick in the air.  Around the corner comes the "lawnmower" #1 son at the helm, grinning from ear to ear.  He comes closer, turns off the mower and asks, " What do you think of my mower?"  Oh Geez, please I need to find something positive to say...think....still thinking...I said, "I love the smell of fresh mowed grass."  Darn. Not exactly positive but I guess it was OK he is still smiling.  He tells me he just ordered a new motor for it.  I think my thoughts must have shown on my face because he said "Hey, I bought it because it's fun!

    He starts it back up and drives off, still grinning, the pull cord hanging out of the motor bouncing off the rear tire as it mows.

    It really is important to take the time to have fun and to stop and smell the freshly mowed grass, however, I do think he needs to order a seat next.   Until next time.....



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