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How we found our cutting tools

When you open a tool catalog and look at the cutting tools, you can spend as much or as little as you like. They all look the same, and other than they all fit the same tool holder, that is where the similarities end.

So how did we come up with what we feel are the best, if they all look the same?  If you run a large volume of parts the cutting tool companies will give you samples to test. We have taken these samples and tested them in the machines running production. We have taken the same tool grades with different chipbreakers and nose radius and tested them on hobby sized machines.  This has given us tools with amazing performance and the low HP and free cutting needed by the smaller machines.

The test machine for the industrial inserts is a Mori SL-3. This Mori has a 20 HP spindle with monster servos on the x and z axis. This machine is capable of running parts and making steam when the coolant contacts the cutting tool. It is amazing that such a small chunk of carbide can be this tough. The toughness of the carbide may be one of the greatest physical properties of the new generation of carbides.

Simply put, the cheaper carbides just can't take the pounding of the new generation of carbides.

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